Let’s Light this Candle!

Let’s Light this Candle!

Introducing Bright Metallic, a new science-fiction in-world magazine featuring articles, events, photography from residents in Second Life.

Each issue has stories from some of the most imaginative minds in SL that span the realms of sci-fi, dystopia, futuristic, industrial and cyberpunk genres new and old.

Do you have a story to tell? Or do you like to take photographs of great places?
We want you, Citizen!

Bright Metallic was founded by people who love science fiction and who were drawn to Second Life, making manifest Snow Crash, Bladerunner, Dune, and many other influential works from the genre’s authors and artists.

From power suits, mechs to time portals, space penal colonies and alien hybrids, the grid has many places to explore and the ships, gear and people to do it with made by residents who also share in that vision.

We explore places that we are curious about. Eject from the normal and return shiny with crystallized hope, or dwell in the darkness of mind and deep space where we are reminded of our immortality. Point your ship toward the buoy on the horizon that extends your journey here in this metaverse, if only for a little longer.

Send a note to Mirage Plaid if you would like a piece of the action and thanks for your interest.


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