Update on Bright Metallic Magazine

Update on Bright Metallic Magazine

Hello Citizens!

A release date for issue #1 of Bright Metallic has been decided on as December 1st 2014. We’ve made a lot of progress meeting new (to us) people in the sci-fi community in Second Life and here’s a summary of some things you can expect.  There’s still time for you to be involved in the first issue so don’t be shy and say hello.  We are looking for people of all languages, skill levels and experience to be a part of this collaborative ‘zine.

Tara de Vries of “Thanks for All the Nebulae” has an exploration guide for December, a first of many articles of this style.  We hope each issue will feature some of your favorite places, so contact us in-world if you would like to share for January 2015 and beyond.

Tara has designed the Bright Metallic in-word magazine kiosk, as well as the logo and page templates so the structure for the ‘zine is ready to go.

August 23

Ashley Carter, author and creator of the graphic novel VOIDAR has agreed to so something with us on a semi-regular basis as her publishing schedule allows.  VOIDAR is a fantastic story you can see online right now and is an ongoing evolving work that will soon be involving other people in the community to participate.  Here’s a casting call poster, check it out!

VOIDAR Casting Call

Goblin Crosby and Ellie Gillmour have a cyberpunk story they are working on and will publish part 1.

We may hear something from Stark Osterham @ Marz Radio but it’s not confirmed.

There will be an interview of a creator of cyberpunk / science-fiction themed things in SL.

We’ve been reaching out to photographers on Flickr to see if they’re interested in contributing to Bright Metallic. So far the response has been great, and so you can be assured there will be excellent photos to see.

Join the Bright Metallic in-world group to receive notices of new issues, because you will need to login and visit a place in-world to pick it up.  Hey can you host a kiosk on your land? That would help out a lot.  Let Mirage Plaid know and when it’s available she’ll send you one.  Thank you!

The Bright Metallic Flickr Group is up and running so please add your pictures to it!

Also you can find us here:

Mirage is online late in the evening SLT.  If you would like to talk to her earlier, please add her alter ego Marsha Warwillow as a friend.  Happy to meet ya!


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