2015 Convention Theme Announced

Last Year’s Jules Verne / Incredible Island  Water Theme was a great success, this year we have an exciting new theme for our builders and visitors!  We’re doing our most ambitious Estate ever!

Future Sci-Fi Resort!

On the Ground Layer the map of the six sims includes a large lagoon/bay and a hillside that will rise approximately 100m, in a series of terraces up to a hilltop plateau.

The Convention Build Team’s roads & hubs & venues & amenities will all be in a generic sci-fi theme of Futuristic Seaside Resort.

As if it were RL Santorini Greece meets 5th Element, or the sort of place the Jetson’s would go away for the weekend to get away from the kids!

This exciting fun layout brings a whole host of new exciting build possibilities for our exhibitors and makes for a more interesting visual experience for our visitors.

2015 Convention Map with some of the builder's influences and ideas for our exhibitors! 2015 Convention Map…

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