Bright Metallic has a Home

We have settled into a new office building, the location is in
SLURL: Bright Metallic – Pleione
Stop by and check it out! There is seating to relax and hang out, and a Sponsor Wall where those that support the magazine are represented.

Bright Metallic is looking for Bloggernauts! What is a Bloggernaut you ask? A Bloggernaut helps creators and readers to find like-minded bloggers. Each month, one selected Bloggernaut will showcase items from creators in an interesting and artistic fashion, with their own cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopian style. If you are interested in becoming a Bloggernaut, IM or send a notecard to Tara De Vries, Art Director for Bright Metallic and include links to your blog, Flickr, and any relevant experience.

Welcome contributor Felice Nightfire of Laudanum Lollipops who will share two writings and pictures in December’s debut issue.

We’re confirmed as an exhibitor at the 2015 Second Life Science-Fiction Convention happening February 20th – March 1st.  Hope to see everyone there.

Magazine kiosks should be ready by mid-week and we will be sending them out to those that request them and actively asking people to host a kiosk.  There are several options with the kiosks a 1LI version to a 3LI scripted animated version, non-animated as well to choose from.

Join the in-world group for the latest news, and thank you for your support!

Bright Metallic Office
Bright Metallic Office

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