January’s Issue #2 Incoming!

January’s Issue #2 Incoming!

Hailing Frequencies Open, Citizens!

January’s issue #2 of Bright Metallic is shaping up with cover art by renown Second Life photographer and artist Sabbian Paine.

We have a great How To article “How to be a Writer in the age of virtual reality” by Woppercyb Nagy who is sharing his publishing experience in SL. Wopper has made his books free to download on his website MUE (Español).

Gia Nikai will be our first Bloggernaut feature! Gia is a regular contributor to the Bright Metallic cyberpunk community Flickr group and writes her own fashion blog Gia’s World.

The gifts for readers this January are awesome!  Andraus Thor of :THOR: has generously given a living room set beautifully fashioned in cyber sci-fi style.  The set includes all mesh area floor carpet, chair, and chest.   I’ll post a little sneak preview in a future post.

Aggie Mactavish of Stargazer Creations will be contributing a gift!  Aggie is known for her unique sci-fi avatar packages, clothing, and role play wear.

Interested in contributing to January’s issue?  Contact Mirage Plaid, Editor in Chief, or Tara De Vries, Art Director in-world.  You can also visit our headquarters to pick up the current December #1 Issue and get more information about the magazine.

 “She Dreams in Digital” by Gia Nikai
She Dreams In Digital


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