Bright Metallic Issue #2 January 2015

Bright Metallic #2 January 2015 is now out!
Pick up a copy at our headquarters SLURL
Or at any of your favorite locations with Bright Metallic Vendors!

Cover photo by Sabbian Paine
Another Informative Virtual Reality update by Roblem VR
How to be a Writer in a Virtual World by Woppercyb Nagy
Our very first Bloggernaut feature, GiaNikai Juliesse
Cyber Poetry and photo from Felice Nightfire
Photography from Aggie MacTavish
A mysterious Incoming Transmission has come in.
A dangerous round of Space Exploration by Tara De Vries
And more information on upcoming events

2 Free Gifts for readers, a cyber tattoo set from Stargazer Creations and a living room set from :THOR:.

Send Mirage Plaid or Tara De Vries a message if you would like to participate in future issues.

Would you like to host a kiosk? Let us know, and thank you!

0 - CoverJAN15


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