Bright Metallic Issue #4 March 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #4 March 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #4 is out now!

Pick up a copy at our main office, or any of your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk locations!

Instead of our normal style of covers, this month’s features as much of the SL Sci-Fi Convention as we could fit on there! Inside this issue you’ll find a wrap-up of our time there. Thanks to everyone who came out and donated!


A free set of vacuum wall lamps from THOR as this month’s gift!


We say farewell to Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

Virtual Reality News with our official staff VR News Correspondent, Roblem VR.

Another exciting installment of The Adventures of Nat and Joey, by Joey!

A thrilling continuation of our look into Midian City Medical Center with Patricia de Chenier, MD!

This month’s bloggernaut is the lovely Aarya Phantomhive!

A short story by Sable!

And, in this month’s Space Exploration, we get a first look into Era of Salvation!

You can also read this month’s issue (without all the gifts and links and landmarks) on Issuu.


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