Bright Metallic Issue #5 April 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #5 April 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #5 is out now!

Pick up a copy at one of our offices or any of your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk locations!

This month, we have a delightfully…constructive cover done by the imaginative circuitry of Flit Ulrik!

001 - BMCover APRIL15

In this issue you’ll find another Virtual Reality news update with our very own VR Correspondent, Roblem!

Sable comes back to Bright Metallic with another short story, “Culture & Colony” that I think you’ll all find fitting for Earth Day.

Nat & Joey officially join the team as our new Security Correspondents, and in another installment of The Adventures of Nat & Joey.

Our Bloggernaut this month is Synful Ghost, the Eccentric Usagi!

We also have interviews with Ifrit Skytower of Mesa 5/Greeble on the subject of ripped game assets and more, and the owners of Era of Salvation, Scout Perian and Jarek Loki talking about running an RP sim in SL.

More in-depth coverage of LEA12 – The Paradise of Cyberpolis and an announcement about an art contest being hosted.

Also included is a look into Mesa 5 in this month’s Space Exploration!


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