Bright Metallic #7 – June 2015


This month we have a beautiful cover by Noddington Schmooz,

An informative VR news update with our very own VR News Correspondent, Roblem Hogarth!

As we pull in to dock at the Bloggernaut Station, brace yourself citizens, because we have not just one new Bloggernaut, but TWO! A double dose of sci-fi fashion with Spike and Purple!

Our ever-thoughtful returning writer Sable brings us “Transhumanism Darkside”!

Moeko, from our sister publication Toxic Candy, visits us to bring us “Of Gods and Drones”.

Flubble has EXPLODED, so this month’s mystery theme is expressed in 7 photos from the Bright Metallic Flickr pool.

And finally, we take you on a revisiting of Hangars Liquides in our monthly Space Exploration with me, Tara De Vries!

Pick up this issue at your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk location or the new Bright Metallic Satellite Office!

Or read it on Issuu!


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