Shipwide Announcement: Tara De Vries now has the conn

Dear Citizens,

I’m pleased to announce that Tara De Vries has accepted the official position of Editor-in-Chief of Bright Metallic magazine. Time sure does fly, and in our case, seems to have a rocket booster attached. Just last year I was chatting with Tara about some goth stuff, because we do like the dark things too, and I kept telling her (if you could imagine Captain Stern’s voice), “I got an idea…”

That idea was Bright Metallic. I have loved reading Sci-fi since I used my allowance money to buy the Star Trek tie-in “The Final Reflection” by John Ford at the Montgomery Wards book section – a dusty, dim place on the back wall of the upstairs linen department in the early 80’s. Long before I was punk, or goth, I was a nerdy girl programming BASIC bouncy smiley faces, giving up at the “towel” on the C64 Hitchiker’s game, and building Monogram Battlestar Galactica colonial fighters.

Second Life is truly a wonderful place to realize dreams. I am so honored that I met Tara, who took a chance on an idea and put 100% into the effort, never complaining, and producing the highest quality work – be it photography, mesh buildings, and written articles – and on time (I do not want to sound jaded, but this is the most precious of qualities in a fellow SL’er). A singer of “black crystal,” she has the ability to find the best sci-fi content and appreciate the new as well as old and install it in our intrepid little ship, Bright Metallic. I have the utmost confidence in Tara’s abilities and heart to pilot Bright Metallic, in fact, it was my plan all along.

Be good to one another and raise each other up. I’m still here, I love my Sci-fi home and to be honest, as I move out of the Captain’s quarters and survey the Lounge’s luxury suite, I think, “This isn’t half bad.” Cheers with a mug of Romulan Ale*.

Mirage Plaid

*(disclaimer: kept aboard for medicinal purposes, only)

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