Bright Metallic #12 – NOW AVAILABLE


Our beautiful anniversary cover this month is by Kitti Wytchwood!

An announcement about our two newest offices, the Araxes Starport Office & the Mesa 5 Uppercity Office!

An update on an old classic with Roblem VR!

The Robot With No Skin by Dr. Samantha Wright, CTO, Nanite Systems.

Art from Ashley Carter of VOIDAR!

A short cliffhanger leaves us worried about Nat & Joey!

Photography contributed by WrenNoir Cerise inspired by The Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Another excerpt from Tales from the Spaceways by Sable!

Cybernetics by CHLOE of Talus!

And another exciting adventure through space with our Expedition Leader, Aldheide Dragovar!

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk location, or at one of our offices!

(Or read it on ISSUU.)

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