Bright Metallic #13 – NOW AVAILABLE!

001 - BMCoverJan16FINAL

Our first cover of 2016 by Thorn Arisen!

Info on how you can participate in an upcoming sci-fi event, Multiverse!

Predictions for VR in 2016 by Roblem VR

Where you can see a live performance by Unwoman in Second Life this month!

Pygmalia by Ai Santei, Nanite Systems Research

Another peek at VOIDAR, by Ashley Carter!

Our newest Bloggernaut, Morphine Freudenthal!

Another excerpt from Tales from the Spaceways by Sable!

A warning to those planning for their demise in Welcome to The After Life by BitterPanacea, with illustrations by our very own Aly Dragovar!

The winner of the OOPC contest, by being awesome (and the only entry), is Raven Chambers!

The final installment of Dr. Patty‘s case notes from her time at Midian City Medical Center.

And yet another ride through the virtual world with Expedition Leader Aldheide Dragovar in this month’s Space Exploration!

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk location, or at one of our offices!

(Or read it on ISSUU.)

(Special note to anyone who got an issue in-world with two tables of contents: Congratulations! That’s like a limited edition)

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