Bright Metallic #15 – Now Available!


Greetings, Citizens! It’s time for the March 2016 issue of Bright Metallic Magazine!

This month has not just one, but TWO covers by the talented Wren Noir Cerise! You can see the first one at aaaany kiosk around the grid, but to get the other mystery cover, you’re going to have to come to the 2016 SL Sci-Fi Convention in support of Relay for Life of Second Life! More details inside this very issue. How handy!

This month, we have a beautiful skin as a gift, provided by Stargazer Creations!

We also have more info on the brand new sci-fi event, Multiverse, which opens today!

Another tale of warning from Folly (BitterPanacea).

A set of photographs by Gryphon Vendetta to inspire you to ponder the question, “When does servitude become slavery and will we recognise it when it occurs?”

The next installment of the multi-part story, Return of the Marquise!

Our newest Bloggernaut is Rainbow Mubble!

“Prisms of Pollution”, a photo by friend of the magazine, The Gentleman Dystopic!

Timeline jumping with Snakeappletree in Comfort Zones.

Another installment of Space Exploration with our very own Aldheide Dragovar. This time she’s taking us club hopping!

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic Kiosk Location or at one of the Bright Metallic Offices.

(Or read it the web version!)

Note: If you were one of the first 5 people to pick up the magazine before I added this note, you are one of the proud owners of an issue with a mistake in it! It is now fixed.

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