Bright Metallic #16 – Now Available!


Greetings, Citizens! It’s time for the April issue of Bright Metallic Magazine!

This month, we have a cover from recurring contributor and friend of the magazine, Raven Chambers!

Information on the Open Day at USS Menelaus, when you can visit and EVEN SIT IN THE CAPTAIN’S CHAIR.

More photos from the talented Ashley Carter of VOIDAR.

Some photos straight out of Metroplex 17.

Part 3 of the ongoing story, Return of the Marquise, from Eisa Colony.

Our Bloggernaut this month is Vix Miggins!

The 1st Annual Bright Metallic Sci-Fi Sim Fair is still accepting applications.

A stunning photo by Riowyn Magwell.

A mini-story called Otaku, Pt 1 by snakeappletree.

A new set of destinations to visit with our Expedition Leader, Aldheide Dragovar.

And finally, the wrap-up for the 2016 SL Sci-Fi Con!

Pick up your copy at any of the in-world kiosk locations or…
at our BRAND NEW Eisa Colony Office!

(Or read it on the web right here.)

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