Bright Metallic #17 – Now Available!


Greetings, Citizens! It’s time for the May issue of Bright Metallic Magazine!

This month, we have a cover by your beloved literary robot overlord, Tara De Vries! After this many issues, I’ve finally given up my oath to not do a cover for the magazine I hold so dear, after encouragement to do so by some of our supporters.

Information on the 1st Annual Bright Metallic Sci-Fi Sim Fair, where we’ll have DJs, contests, chances to mingle with the sims’ staff and more!

RoblemVR returns with a new installment of VR News!

An eerily possible forewarning from Folly (BitterPanacea).

A photo by Naomi Afterthought for Metroplex 17, and a preview of the current conflict in the Plex.

Part 2 of Otaku by snakeappletree.

More photos from the talented Ashley Carter of VOIDAR
(who you can now support on Patreon!)

Another adventure with our Expedition Leader, Aldheide Dragovar, in this month’s Space Exploration.

Pick up your copy at any of the in-world kiosk locations or…
at our our newly improved corporate office!

(Or read it on the web right here.)

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