Bright Metallic #18 – Now Available!


Greetings, citizens! It’s time for the June issue of Bright Metallic Magazine!

This month, we have a cover by the ever-talented owner of Poseidon Poses, Gryphon Vendetta!

RoblemVR returns with a new installment of VR News!

We have a special gift this month from Nanite Systems of Eisa Colony, and another installment of Return of the Marquise!

Folly (bitterpanacea) scares me again with the short story, Perfect Saturday.

We have the winner of the LEA10 Fashion Show, Wicca Merlin!

Our Security Correspondents, Nat & Joey, are alive and well, but are they in danger in this episode of The Adventures of Nat & Joey?

Find out how YOU can become an elected official at Metroplex17.

We also have an excerpt from Last Front Ear by Alazarin Mobius of The Invisible Band.

And a teaser of the new Bright Metallic HAB-16, currently being installed at SL13B.

Once again, we have an installment of Space Exploration with the adventurous Aly Dragovar!

Pick up your copy at any of the in-world kiosk locations or…
at our our newly improved corporate office!

(Or read it on the web here.)

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