Info. for Contributors

Bright Metallic is a collaborative ‘zine.

Writers, photographers, and artists contribute each month based on their schedule.

If you are interested in participating, send a note or IM to Mirage Plaid stating your area of creativity, and provide any links or examples to show your style.

If we approve, you will be sent a note each month as an open invitation to contribute to the upcoming month’s issue.  In this note will be a general theme or ideas to write/create around.

We work a month in advance. It’s important to let Mirage Plaid or Tara De Vries know your intention to contribute as soon as possible by IM or notecard.  Once we approve your concept/idea you can start work right away.

We are looking for people of all skill levels and languages.

You do not need to be a professional writer, or speak English as a first language.

What matters is you are sharing with the community your art, writing, and expression.  Your authenticity and sincerity, passion for what you do.

The general guidelines are:

  •  Most articles are between 300-500 words. A very long article is 1000 words maximum.  We encourage shorter works.  Poetry, single photos, are welcome as well.
  • Article ideas must be pre-discussed before starting work
  • The content must fit a Mature (M) Rating audience.
  • The content must fit the sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, industrial genres.
  • Most articles must also have at least 1 accompanying image/photo to support the article.  The image must be taken within SL.
  • It is preferred that your article, art, and any works in progress, be exclusive to the magazine prior to, and for the month the issue is published. If this is not possible, or if it is artwork that we’ve requested (such as the recurring Flubble feature), the exclusivity requirement is waived.
  • The ‘zine is not a platform to air personal conflicts with other avatars, RL/SL politics, or any kind of inflammatory topic.  Our focus is to highlight what is good or interesting in the SL sci-fi genre.



We offer trade in advertisement for your project as promotional value in exchange for your article.  This includes advertisement in the magazine, plus promotion on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and other appropriate places. If you do not have a project you wish to promote, we can only offer a thank you from the community for sharing your work at this time.


Tara De Vries, Editor-in-Chief


In-World: Tara.Milneaux

T- 2/2016


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