Info. for Event Organizers

Bright Metallic is a collaborative magazine that aims to highlight activities within the sci-fi cyberpunk community.  If you are hosting an event within this genre would would like to promote it in the magazine.  We are interested in promoting large events and also small parties, gallery openings, any fun activity for the community.

We need your promotional materials, such as posters, images, any text, dates, landmarks, links, participating sponsors and activities, the month prior to your event.  The magazine can also give Objects. If you would like to distribute a poster object or similar, we need it copy/transfer so we may re-distribute within the HUD magazine.

Additionally we may promote your event on, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and other places as appropriate.

The magazine is published on or around the 1st of each month, so we need your materials by the 23rd of the prior month at the latest.

Please do let us know by IM or note your intention to send over promotional materials as soon as you begin your planning.

In exchange we request that you place a Bright Metallic kiosk at your event at least at the landing area, and in other places people gather.

Thank you for considering Bright Metallic in your event planning!



Tara De Vries, Editor 




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