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Bright Metallic is a collaborative ‘zine featuring stories, articles, art, photography, poetry and creative contributions from Second Life residents.

Each month contributors share what they are inspired to show.

The magazine is an in-world “HUD book” that is a monthly issue and delivered by clicking a Bright Metallic magazine kiosk. There are no subscriptions, just find a kiosk and click 🙂  In order to open the magazine you wear it like a HUD.

Inside each issue there are Gifts to readers from Supporters. Click the Box icon at the top of the page to receive the free gift. Many of the pages contain attached note cards with landmarks and details about the article.

The land you are standing on must have scripts enabled, even if you are the owner of the land.  

Once the magazine is opened you can click the pages to turn them, or use the Contents button in the left corner.  You can also Zoom in and out with the buttons on top of the HUD, and Minimize it if you wish.

Thank you for picking up a copy of Bright Metallic Magazine!



Tara De Vries, Editor-in-Chief


In-World: Tara.Milneaux




T- 2/2016


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