Info. for Shop Owners

This note contains information for shop owners who are interested in Advertising and cross-promotional opportunities within the magazine.


There are 3 options for Advertisers:

1 – Purchase Advertising

2 – Free gift to readers

3 – Contributing an article – trade for Ad Credit


All options include additional promotion on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and other places as appropriate.


1 – Purchasing Advertising

Our ad rates are as follows

(1) Page: 1000L

2 page landscape: 2000L

1/4 page, upper corner: 250L

Inside front cover 1 page: 2000L or Free with Gift to Readers


Purchasing advertising supports the operational costs of the magazine which includes land rental, the occasional compensation to writers who are unable to trade, event performers, web hosting fees, etc.


2 – Free Gift to Readers

Like Real Life, we like to emulate magazines that gives samples and small gifts attached to their ‘zine.  If you give an exclusive free gift to our Readers we are happy to give you a 2-page ad free of charge.  The gift must be exclusive for the month your Ad appears, but you are welcome to sell it at a later date.  The gift object and any notes you wish to include must be copy/transfer, which we change to Copy only and test before putting inside the magazine and distributing.


3 – Contributing as a writer/artist to the magazine

If you like to write, take pictures, or have some art you like to share we are happy to publish your work and give you an ad for your shop as compensation.  To be clear, your contribution is NOT about your shop or anything you are selling.  The advertisement separately serves are promotion for your shop.  You may at the end of your article write your name and your project/shop. More information for contributing can be found in the info board at the Bright Metallic office.


If you have any questions about advertising in Bright Metallic please contact us below.  You may also check out our sister publication slGoth to see the format and have an idea about how the Gift for Readers works.




Tara De Vries, Editor-in-Chief


In-World: Tara.Milneaux

Mirage Plaid, Marketing Director


In-World: Mirage.Plaid





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