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Now Accepting Submissions – November!

Happy Anniversary to us!

We’re now accepting submissions for November’s issue!


Always looking for art, photography, short stories, poetry, opinion pieces, cool places, events, ads, etc.!

Interested in contributing?

More information here: Info. for Contributors

Are you an event organizer?

Well, check this out! Info. for Event Organizers

Own a shop?

We’ve got something for you, too! Info for Store Owners

Wondering what in the world I’m talking about?

Our handy-dandy guide for readers is right for you! Info. for Readers


Let us know!

Tara De Vries




Mirage Plaid

Marketing Director


Bright Metallic #6 – May 2015

001 - BMCover May15Final

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Er, sorry. I mean right now. Yes, that was it…

Bright Metallic Issue #6, the special SWRP “May the Fourth Be With You” issue is now available!

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk location or hidden rebel base.

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Bright Metallic Issue #4 March 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #4 March 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #4 is out now!

Pick up a copy at our main office, or any of your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk locations!

Instead of our normal style of covers, this month’s features as much of the SL Sci-Fi Convention as we could fit on there! Inside this issue you’ll find a wrap-up of our time there. Thanks to everyone who came out and donated!


A free set of vacuum wall lamps from THOR as this month’s gift!


We say farewell to Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

Virtual Reality News with our official staff VR News Correspondent, Roblem VR.

Another exciting installment of The Adventures of Nat and Joey, by Joey!

A thrilling continuation of our look into Midian City Medical Center with Patricia de Chenier, MD!

This month’s bloggernaut is the lovely Aarya Phantomhive!

A short story by Sable!

And, in this month’s Space Exploration, we get a first look into Era of Salvation!

You can also read this month’s issue (without all the gifts and links and landmarks) on Issuu.

Bright Metallic Issue #3 February 2015

Bright Metallic Issue #3 February 2015

Bright Metallic #3 February 2015 is now out!
Pick up a copy at our headquarters SLURL
Or at any of your favorite locations with Bright Metallic Vendors!

Cover Photo by Cora.

BMCover FEB15

FREE GIFT from [TfAtN], the Vesta Necklace.

Vesta Necklace Ad

Virtual Reality News with our official staff VR News Correspondent, Roblem VR.

A must-read interview with Mr. Senet & Ariadne Fall of the SL Sci-Fi Convention.

Our very steampunk Bloggernaut is DanteAmore Rossini from Macabre Beauty.

The first look inside the Midian City Medical Center with Patricia de Chenier, MD.

An interview with Asmita Duranjaya and Sable, on cyber art and their LEA exhibit.

A very mysterious beginning to The Adventures of Nat and Joey, by Joey!

Photography by Zhu Bajie.

And another installment of Space Exploration with…me! Tara de Vries.

You can also read this magazine on the web (minus the gifts and landmarks) Bright Metallic on Issuu

January’s Issue #2 Incoming!

January’s Issue #2 Incoming!

Hailing Frequencies Open, Citizens!

January’s issue #2 of Bright Metallic is shaping up with cover art by renown Second Life photographer and artist Sabbian Paine.

We have a great How To article “How to be a Writer in the age of virtual reality” by Woppercyb Nagy who is sharing his publishing experience in SL. Wopper has made his books free to download on his website MUE (Español).

Gia Nikai will be our first Bloggernaut feature! Gia is a regular contributor to the Bright Metallic cyberpunk community Flickr group and writes her own fashion blog Gia’s World.

The gifts for readers this January are awesome!  Andraus Thor of :THOR: has generously given a living room set beautifully fashioned in cyber sci-fi style.  The set includes all mesh area floor carpet, chair, and chest.   I’ll post a little sneak preview in a future post.

Aggie Mactavish of Stargazer Creations will be contributing a gift!  Aggie is known for her unique sci-fi avatar packages, clothing, and role play wear.

Interested in contributing to January’s issue?  Contact Mirage Plaid, Editor in Chief, or Tara De Vries, Art Director in-world.  You can also visit our headquarters to pick up the current December #1 Issue and get more information about the magazine.

 “She Dreams in Digital” by Gia Nikai
She Dreams In Digital

Bright Metallic Launch Party Dec. 1, 2014 2 -4pm SLT

Join us Monday, December 1, 2014 from 2pm – 4pm LT for Bright Metallic’s official launch party!
DJ Xosé will spin indie electro. Come meet the staff and writers, lounge, relax, pick up a copy of the ‘zine.

Bright Metallic #1 features
VOIDAR by Ashley Carter
Cover art and “Singularity Blues” by Sian Pearl of Chariot
Fish on Friday” by Elinor Caiman Sands
Virtual Reality News” by RoblemVR
Sci-fi Exploration” by Tara De Vries
Cyberpunk Writings” by Felice Nightfire
Bookstacks Sci-fi Book club

Free Gifts to Readers:
“Event Horizon” Eyes from VerseEye and
A Very Special Surprise Custom mesh gift made by Tara De Vries

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleione/11/181/851

Flickr Group | Facebook | Twitter

Contacts: Mirage Plaid, Editor in Chief & Tara De Vries, Art Director and Bloggernaut Manager

Bright Metallic Launch Party Dec 1, 2014
Bright Metallic Launch Party Dec 1, 2014 Poster art by Tara De Vries

Bright Metallic has a Home

We have settled into a new office building, the location is in
SLURL: Bright Metallic – Pleione
Stop by and check it out! There is seating to relax and hang out, and a Sponsor Wall where those that support the magazine are represented.

Bright Metallic is looking for Bloggernauts! What is a Bloggernaut you ask? A Bloggernaut helps creators and readers to find like-minded bloggers. Each month, one selected Bloggernaut will showcase items from creators in an interesting and artistic fashion, with their own cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopian style. If you are interested in becoming a Bloggernaut, IM or send a notecard to Tara De Vries, Art Director for Bright Metallic and include links to your blog, Flickr, and any relevant experience.

Welcome contributor Felice Nightfire of Laudanum Lollipops who will share two writings and pictures in December’s debut issue.

We’re confirmed as an exhibitor at the 2015 Second Life Science-Fiction Convention happening February 20th – March 1st.  Hope to see everyone there.

Magazine kiosks should be ready by mid-week and we will be sending them out to those that request them and actively asking people to host a kiosk.  There are several options with the kiosks a 1LI version to a 3LI scripted animated version, non-animated as well to choose from.

Join the in-world group for the latest news, and thank you for your support!

Bright Metallic Office
Bright Metallic Office