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Bright Metallic #11 – NOW AVAILABLE!

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Our cover this month is by Joff Karfield.

A Rift-tastic VR News update with Roblem VR.

Our Bloggernaut this month is returning fashion-veteran, Cyan Slumber!

A surprising reunion is in-store for Nat & Joey!

Another excerpt from Tales from the Spaceways by Sable.

A fresh delivery from our Flickr Group in this month’s Flubble.

Travel to the fifth dimension with Aldheide Dragovar in this month’s Space Exploration.

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic kiosk location, or at our newly-docked Satellite Office!

(Or read it on Issuu!)

The Magazine Kiosks are Finished

The Magazine Kiosks are Finished

Tara De Vries, Art Director for Bright Metallic, has finished the in-world magazine kiosk.  They are beautiful!   There are a floor and wall version, and a scripted animated version and non-scripted choices.  All versions are just 1LI.  Amazing work, Tara!  The release date for the first issue is Dec. 1st 2014.  We will be reaching out to land and shop owners to ask if they will host a kiosk.  Please help out if you can and host a kiosk!

I have briefly spoken with the most talented Sian Pearl of Chariot and she’s interested in working with the ‘zine.  You can see Sian’s work here on her blog Parthenoid.

We have been given permission to re-print a SL sci-fi writer’s original story “Fish on Friday” by Elinor Caiman Sands.  I met Elinor through Bookstacks, an in-world book club that meets every Saturday @ 2pm SLT at the Bookstacks Pub in Second Life.  You can read about Elinor and her recent RL published work and awards at The Happy Snappy Gator. If you are photographer in Second Life and would like to volunteer to make a few pictures for “Fish on Friday” please let Mirage Plaid know your interest.

Would you like to participate in Bright Metallic?  We are looking for contributors of all skill level, languages, and interests within the SL sci-fi genre.  Contact Mirage Plaid in the evening SLT or her alter ego Marsha Warwillow, Editor in Chief of slGoth, during the day SLT.

Find us also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrightMetallic


Bright Metallic magazine kiosks
Bright Metallic magazine kiosks