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VOIDAR Special in Bright Metallic Dec. 1st!

Ashley Carter (jkm93) has created 6 fantastic posters for Bright Metallic’s debut December issue #1.

VOIDAR stands for “Voyage of Immense Danger and Reward” and readers you certainly shall be rewarded!

You can find out more about VOIDAR here: voidar.com, Youtube, Flickr. Ashley also has issued a Casting Call for all in the sci-fi community in Second Life who are interested in participating.

Join the Bright Metallic in-world group for up to date news and announcements!

VOIDAR Special Bright Metallic Dec 2014
VOIDAR Special Bright Metallic Dec 2014
Bright Metallic Flickr Group

Bright Metallic Flickr Group

The Bright Metallic Flickr group is photos of cyberpunk, science fiction, dystopian, futuristic avatars and places in virtual worlds. It’s a community group meant for everyone to post pictures of their avatar, places, and creations.

The Flickr group is important to the magazine because it is where we discover new people to meet and talk to and find out more about what they like. The heart of a ‘zine is collaboration, and the Flickr group is a great base to start from. If you would like to participate in the in-world HUD ‘zine Bright Metallic, send Mirage Plaid a note in world and add to friends.

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Photo by Christiana Xevion