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Bright Metallic #14 – Now Available!


February’s cover has some familiar faces from VOIDAR by Ashley Carter.

Some Oculus news from our VR expert, Roblem VR.

An intro into Metroplex 17, home to our newest Bright Metallic Office.

Speaking of VOIDAR, we also have information about the VOIDAR Pile-Up Contest. On top of that, we have more info on the upcoming sci-fi event, Multiverse, including the full store list and information on how to become a blogger for the event. Plus a call to RP sim owners about the upcoming Bright Metallic Sim Fair.

Return of the Marquise, a haunting study by Nanite Systems that will continue next month.

Posthuman Heart, a collage by Kitti Wytchwood.

A photo by Wren Noir Cerise, next month’s cover artist.

Mother Earth, another tale of warning by BitterPanacea.

A little teaser of the new Bright Metallic Satellite launching at the 2016 SL Sci-Fi Convention.

Aylessa, a time travel mystery by Sable.

Some more glimpses of VOIDAR by this month’s cover artist, Ashley Carter.

Some more, sometimes hazardous, travels in this virtual world with Expedition Leader Aldheide Dragovar in this month’s Space Exploration!

Pick it up at your favorite Bright Metallic Kiosk Location or at one of the Bright Metallic Offices.

(Or read it on Issuu!)

Unwoman @ Timekiller II!

There is limited capacity at the two Morphe, Inc. sims and on the stream, so get your spot early!


Location Slurl


Tuesday January 19, 2016 5pm SLT/PST
San Francisco based singer, cellist, song-writer and the recipient of the Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Awards 2015 for best solo musician and best album, Circling.